The platform for action plans co-building

WeSuccess redefines the way you collaborate and share experiences, through the lens of cognitive sciences

Forget about unproductive brainstorming sessions, monologue meetings or top-down trainings. Take advantage of collective thinking, structured questioning, and the possibility to reflect on real life situations to ensure a real impact for participants!

Cognitive design

Leveraging its cognitive sciences-inspired design and co-development, WeSuccess platform helps remote problem solving and collective action plan building, without any geographical boundaries.

Guaranteeing everyone’s involvement

With its ergonomic and sensitive interface, WeSuccess platform makes it easy to install a climate of kindness and benevolence among participants. The embedded multimodal communication ensures active participation and enhances participants’ attention.

Reducing the cognitive load

WeSuccess reduces the cognitive load by sharing each participant’s written content. All participants can access the discussion history at any time. Proposals can be selected before they are prioritized, until they are published in a report at the end of each session.

Capturing thoughts and feelings

In addition to the wide range of insights that video conferencing has to offer, WeSuccess also provides several features to monitor the group’s mindset. Participants share their thoughts at the beginning and end of the session. As they exchange ideas, participants can share their understanding of the content discussed with the facilitator.

WeSuccess, co-development enhanced by technology

WeSuccess has redesigned the ways in which participants interact with one another, while respecting the 6 steps and the mindset of professional co-development (by Claude Champagne and Adrien Payette).


A unique interface

Facilitate sessions through a simple browser-based interface that combines video conferencing with written records.  learn more

Better interactions

Improve participants’ attention span through the immersion methods provided by digital technology.  learn more

No more note-taking

Ensure that the problem carrier is in a position to discuss the questions and proposals written by the participants.  learn more

Leave with a session report

Benefit from collective intelligence right up to the publication of the session report, which includes all proposals and your action plan.  learn more

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